30 Celeb Couples Who Prove Age is Just a Number

By Staff Writer

People say that love doesn’t have a number. And we totally get that. It's true! It doesn’t matter if someone is five or ten years apart, or even if they’re 30 years or 40 years apart. Loving someone is about loving who they are and you can have a connection with someone of any legal age. Although it's not common to be dating someone half your age in the regular world, In the world of celebrity - it's business as usual.

Celebs are known for dating people that are half their age or more. With all their wealth, status and good looks, it's like they are on a whole other level. Today, we’re going to go over some celebs that fell head over heels for someone much younger than they are. Some of these couples are equally famous, while others got quite a boost in status. But as long as they're happy, what does it matter? These successful marriages are proving to the world that age is indeed, just a number!

Let's take a look at these 30 celebrity couples who may be far in age but are close in love. For some of these couples, you won't even believe the age difference!