30 Recent Women's Hairstyles to Avoid, Ranked

By Staff Writer

There have been a lot of amazing hairstyles to fawn over in recent years. Just in the last decade, we’ve seen the lob, lavender hair, pearlescent hair, and so much more. These styles make you want to run to your hairstylist and drop some real money just to get the same look. However, not every style is absolutely stunning.

Along with these gems, there have also been several looks that are absolutely nothing to write home about. Some of them look truly bizarre. Well, the benefit is that they can make you feel great about your hair even if you haven’t been to the stylist in a couple of years!

We’re talking about the styles that make you wonder “what were they thinking?!” Some of these iconic styles trended thanks to celebrities while others created a life of their own without too much influence from the red carpet. From rainbow hair to too-long bangs, there are some hairstyles that should just be banned at all hair salons. Here are 30 ‘dos you probably aren’t going to be (and definitely shouldn't be) rocking anytime soon! Have you seen any of these looks in public?