40 Awesome Animal Photobombs

The internet is full of so many hilarious animal photobombs. These are the funniest!

There are some pretty awesome animal photobombs on the internet. Advancements in technology over the past few decades have brought us some pretty great things, but an abundance of cameras and online platforms to share our photos on have to be some of the most entertaining things we've gotten. Right now, we’re seeing about 350 million photos uploaded to Facebook every day, and those are just the pictures that people are proud of. With that many pictures being taken, there’s bound to be plenty of accidentally funny photos. Of course, the best accidental photos usually have animals in them.

Animals have a way of taking funny photos. For some odd reason, they don’t seem to understand what a camera is. They aren’t (usually) too fascinated with seeing photos of themselves. They don’t understand why we stop and pose for the camera. Honestly, this is what makes animal photos so great. They have a knack for having the funniest pictures taken. It’s human nature to love these photos. But animal pictures are even better when we weren’t planning on taking them! Animal photobombs are undeniably amazing. Whether they’re hopping in the pictures that we work so hard to make perfect or into the photos that we try to take of them, they’re always great.

Out of all of the pictures we saw on the internet, we thought these were the funniest. Of course, there are so many pictures on the internet that we’re bound to have missed a few. If you think we missed some great ones, let us know in the comments. Either way, enjoy the slideshow!