40 Car-Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning a car is never fun and going to the car wash can be expensive. Make things simpler by using these car-cleaning hacks.

Let’s not even start with how much getting a car detailed can cost. It’s so much easier and better to save time, money, and energy at home by using these car-cleaning hacks.

If you’re one of those people who like super shiny, sparkly, and spotless cars, then this is the list for you. We’ve put together 40 car-cleaning hacks that are worth a try. These easy solutions are designed to make windows spotless, cars completely dust-free, and get rid of any nasty smells that might be lurking.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on cleaning your car. With all of these alternative cleaning solutions we’re giving you, why would you ever want to? Unless you just don’t want to clean your own car, you’re going to love these cleaning tips.

These tips cover everything from upholstery, hard-to-reach areas, removing stickers, fixing hairline cracks, space-saving solutions, and so much more! Cleaning your car has never been more easy—or fun! Many of these cleaning hacks use items that can be found in your kitchen, so you might not even have to go to the store to find good ways to clean your car.

If you’re interested in finding out a ton of ways to quickly, easily, and cheaply clean your entire car from the inside out, keep reading. Having a car that looks like it just drove off the dealer’s lot is only a few slides away!