40 Easy Ways to Look and Feel Younger

By Staff Writer

Fashion can be a tricky thing. The clothes you wear can easily make you look older without meaning to, and it can be tough avoiding unflattering fashion without having a personal stylist. Who has money for that?! Some fashion trends can date you back to a specific date or even make it look like you’re trying too hard. It can be frustrating as you age to keep up with what’s “in.” Well, the good news is that what’s “in” doesn’t really matter if your goal is to shave off a few years from your appearance. 

What's "in" is pretty arbitrary and changes on a regular basis, so it's all about what flatters you and your body.  While fashion can make you look older, styling your clothing properly can also make you look younger. Does this sound tough? Don't worry! Chances are, you still have some stuff in your closet that’ll work, especially when paired with something modern. It’s just about balancing what you love to wear and general fashion trends. 

Along with that, your makeup can also make you look a little older. Makeup has changed so much in the last decade to flatter people of nearly any age. Instead of bright, flashy colors, it’s all about the natural or “nude” look. You may be making makeup mistakes that are adding to your age rather than taking away any flaws you want to cover up! 

Naturally, our tips are just that—tips. If you love your style, don't worry about what you wear. If you're happy, then that's all that matters in the end. But if you're looking for a little advice, we have your back. We’ve found 40 fashion tips that will help you update your closet and make you look youthful for years to come!