40 Groovy ’70s Trends That Are Back in Style

These '70s trends are coming back in full force. Department stores are already stocking some of this stuff!

Take a look around at what’s popping up in department stores. Is it just us or is fashion from the ’70s coming back? Nah, it isn’t just us! Fashion is cyclical, meaning when something falls out of favor, there’s a good chance that it’ll be back. For some stuff, it’s only five years or so. Heck, some trends fall in and out of favor every other year!

Today, we’re going to talk about the stuff that doesn’t come back all that often—’70s attire. Out of every decade out there, the ’70s had some of the most interesting choices. Mustard yellow, that dingy brown, all that fringe, and platforms were all super popular trends during the decade, and they were pretty cool. If you loved that stuff, you might be happy to learn it’s trendy again!

Whether you lived through the decade or you just love the fashion, now’s your chance to wear these 40 things and be “in.”