40 Major Military Advancements Throughout History

Fire burning on water? Anti-biotics? There's tons of military advancements that have come along, but these are 40 that changed the game forever.

Every year, the United States spends billions upon billions for our military budget. We all know that the bulk of that goes toward base defense, which includes buying equipment and daily operation costs for al bases in the United States. What you may not know is that a good chunk of that budget also goes toward research and development. In 2015, $63.5 billion was used for R&D. This part of the budget is pretty important because it helps us figure out advancements to fight better and, more importantly, lose fewer soldiers.

Military advancements are immensely valuable during wartime, especially if one side lacks the same technology. Sometimes, military advances are so massive that it can literally win the war. Greek fire is one example of that. This chemical compound was so strong that it would allow fire to burn on top of water. The Byzantine empire used it to defend themselves and expand when necessary.

Many may not think about injuries, but the invention of the mobile x-ray machine by Marie Curie helped troops all over the world. After all, her “Little Curies” examined over a million injured soldiers despite the fact there were only 20 vehicles. 

There have been plenty of military advancements like this for as long as people have been waging war. Today, we’re going to go over some military advances that have turned tides and improved warfare all the way back to horse domestication.