40 Medications That Forced the FDA to Take Action

These drugs were so unsafe that the FDA was forced to take action. Most of these were removed, but some are still on the market!

Disclaimer: Please speak to a doctor before starting or stopping any medication. Stopping or starting any medication suddenly can cause detrimental side effects that could be harmful.

When you watch a commercial today, you can’t help but hear the long list of side effects the end. Sometimes, the side effects take up over half the commercial, but they’re mostly rare, right? Well, think twice. Sometimes, those side effects happen a little more often than creators want, and it’s the FDA’s job to keep dangerous stuff off the market. Unfortunately, they don’t do their job well enough. This ends up with thousands (sometimes millions) of people taking a prescription that can cause irreversible damage.

Today, we’re going to go over some medications that were released on the market but recalled because they were dangerous. We’re not here to bash the FDA. It’s gotta be a hard job, but after looking at all these medications, we think there should be a better way to vet drugs to keep people from getting hurt.

For example, one medication on here was distributed by a company that knew their pills were damaging. The findings were hidden, and it was pushed onto the market. After people got sick, the FDA stepped in and filed complaints. That’s great and all, but what about everyone that ended up with liver problems?