40 Most Upsetting TV Finales of All Time, Ranked

Ending a TV show is hard. Actors fall through, audience expectations are too high, and budgets call for a quick finish. Here are the 40 most upsetting TV finales of all time!

We’ve all been there. After watching an entire series, we’re nearing the end. We’re lucky enough to get a series finale, but is it any good? There are plenty of shows that do it right, and they leave the audience pleased with the ending. Viewers don’t feel like the series left anything out and answered most of their questions. But, for every series that got it right, there is always one that leaves its fans angry and questioning, “What was that?”

Ending a TV show is hard, for viewers, writers, directors, and actors alike. Some shows get it so, so wrong for one reason or another. In the end, things just don’t go as planned whether the actors fall through, the audience has high expectations, or budgets call for a quick finish. Sometimes, it’s even all three! Worst of all, sometimes directors have completely different ideas for the series that are just…off according to the viewers. Well, regardless of the reason, it really upsets audiences and leaves us feeling betrayed.

There are tons of series we can put on this list, but we’ve found 40 of the worst finales of all time that have had fans rioting in one way or another. We've ranked them from bad to the worst TV finales ever to hit our screens.