40 TV Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon

Trust us when we say that these 40 shows were canceled far too early. They deserved a few more seasons to really get off the ground. Unfortunately, we'll never know!

We love new shows as much as the next person, but to get those shows, we have to see some cancelations. Some shows, we think it’s about time that they get the ax. They’ve been on TV for years and years. Take a look at The Simpsons, just as an example. Sure, it uses current life events, but the storylines have run their course. Instead, we could have a refreshed show that features new characters, new situations, and something a little more…new.

That being said, we think networks made some pretty horrible decisions sometimes. TV shows that should have done well, or would have done well, got the ax after a single season or two. Usually, the reason is that the show didn’t get high enough ratings or not enough people tuned in, but here’s the thing: it can take time for a TV show to grow. Not every show will start out a major hit. We can’t all be Breaking Bad, okay? Heck, even Breaking Bad had a hard time getting on TV, and now, it’s one of the best out there!

Before we go off on a tangent, lets circle back. Despite low viewership, some series had the potential to be great, and we’ve compiled a list of the ones that fit that bill. These are shows that should have been given plenty of seasons but got axed after one or two. Maybe some good-hearted streaming service should think about bringing these series back?