The Craziest Celebrity Conspiracy Theories of All Time

By Staff Writer

Listen, there’s just something off about these celebrities and people think they know why. From suspicious travel itineraries to hidden elite organizations, they’re up to something. Unfortunately, we’ll never hear about what’s really happening with these celebs…but that won’t stop us from seeking out the truth. 

It’s no secret that Hollywood is notorious for shadowy secret societies, but some of these conspiracy theories seem a little bit out there. However, the truth is always crazier than it seems. It’s only a conspiracy until proven. 

Every now and then someone picks up on a pattern with a celebrity that may or may not be true. From our end, speculation is the only tool we have to learn more about the people we see in the media every single day…who can blame us for having questions and concerns? 

This is a list of celebrities and the craziest conspiracy theories people have about them. We’re not saying these are true, because we don’t have all of the facts. However, when there’s smoke, there’s fire…and there’s a lot of smoke around these celebs. If you’re interested in uncovering the skeletons hiding in Hollywood’s closets, check out this article and the one we picked for you right after it.