30 Hairstyles That Take 10 Years Off Your Age

By Staff Writer

Beauty products claim that they can make you look ten years younger, but you don’t need to buy a special lotion to make yourself look more youthful. Your fashion choices have a lot of impact on your age – or rather the age you see. Wearing dated clothes can make you look older while wearing something modern and chic can shave years off. It can be a delicate balance, and many people forget about one crucial factor that can really impact your age: your hairstyle.

Hairstyles fall in and out of style just like any other type of fashion. With that being said, hairstyles don’t change as quickly as fashion. Something that’ “in” could be in for several years, or even decades depending on the style. Meanwhile, others fall out of fashion pretty fast – take the Farrah flip for example.

If you’re looking to bring your age down without any ridiculous product, use your secret weapon! Get a new hairstyle and change the way you look. Not only will it be extremely noticeable, but you may also end up with a new favorite ‘do. We’ve made a list of 30 hairstyles that can help shave ten years off your age without any crazy changes.