10 Pieces of Women's Clothing That Made People Lose Their Minds

By Staff Writer

One of the most debated things in fashion today is what a woman should and shouldn’t wear. Most women yell out, “What’s on my body isn’t of any importance to you!” And while we agree, it doesn’t stop people from telling others they shouldn’t wear this or that. Sometimes, the comments can be even worse and down-right hurtful. With how outspoken everyone is today, it may be surprising to know that this isn’t anything new. There have been several times that clothing has caused a lot of controversies, and we’re not talking about slogans or sayings printed on a shirt.

Without a doubt, fashion can be a world of drama, and we're not really sure why – unless it’s some seriously messed up ads from companies that should definitely know better. Women’s fashion choices shouldn’t be debated as much as it is.

We’re going over the pieces of clothing that started the most controversy. Many of these are styles that we know and love today, but little did we know, they caused quite a stir when they first debuted. Here are 10 things that caused people to lose their minds, including some choices that are still pretty controversial to this day.