30 Timeless Style Secrets From Hollywood's Golden Era

By Staff Writer

30 Timeless Style Secrets From Hollywood's Golden Era. Whether we’re at the store or driving to work, we see it everywhere. Wanna guess? Photoshopped images of people that blur the line between reality and something that’s completely unobtainable. With how men and women are bombarded with “ideal images” of what we should look like, it’s no surprise that it’s become one of the most debated topics in school and fashion. Some brands have decided to stop photoshopping altogether. How will they do it?!

That’s a dumb question – you probably remember a time before photoshop! Who doesn’t? Most of us are old enough to remember Hollywood’s Golden Age, and if we aren’t, then we’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of pictures of women that were too beautiful to be real. Little did you know that photographers had some tricks up their sleeves!

They didn’t take pictures like we do today, and they didn’t need to rely on photoshop to bring out the best features in actresses. Instead, they had timeless style secrets hidden up their sleeves that had been used for ages. These tips were so amazing that many photographers and directors still use them to this day. We’re breaking all the rules and letting the public know how these Golden Age beauties got it done!