The Most Ridiculous Wedding Dresses of All Time


Every bride wants their big day to be memorable. After all, it isn’t like you get married every day! That’s why couples insist on getting the best food, the best music, and the best everything – as long as your budget allows for it! Of course, one of the biggest expenses is the beautiful dress that will be adorning the bride on her wedding day. Some women think about what dress they’re going to wear from a very young age – even before they meet their future husband! We can’t blame them since it’s such a huge decision. Wedding dresses are often one of the most prominent parts of any wedding, and it’s one thing that the guests will remember. It’s not really something brides want to botch up.

While some women want a lovely, casual, white dress, others want something a little different – they want a little flair. The last thing anyone wants is to have their wedding blend into the background and have people forget how amazing they looked. So, they go with a super unique dress. Maybe instead of white, they choose a black or grey dress. Heck, some women even choose to go with a pattern! Ombre is awfully in style.

Well, others go a little more off the wall and “unique” doesn’t begin to describe the flowing gowns that they choose. Some brides want the biggest thing they can get. We’re talking about dresses that make the brides look tiny because the dress is so freaking huge. Sometimes, these giant dresses often weigh more than them! Other times, they want enough rhinestones to blind the audience when they pass by. It’s all about glitz and glamor. No matter their requests, they ended up being insane gowns. Here are some of the craziest wedding dresses we’ve ever seen.