39 Best Hairstyles for Thin or Fine Hair


Thin hair can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. The benefits are that you don’t have to deal with headaches if your hair gets super long because there isn’t enough to pull on your head. Also, when you get your hair done, you don’t have to pay for tons and tons of product. A style that costs you $100 probably costs someone with thicker hair $200.

However, with the good comes a little bit of bad. Thin hair also means that you may not have a whole lot to work with. Sometimes it's super sunny outside, you can easily get a sunburn on your scalp. That part definitely hurts and can suck during the summer.

Another thing that is that you can’t do a lot with your hair – wait, what am I saying? There are several hairstyles that you can do with thin hair that’ll give it a little volume and make you look even more amazing (because you already look pretty dang stellar). These are 39 hairstyles that you gotta try if you’re looking for a few new ideas. Some of them require a little more work than others, but there is something for everyone!