Charming Small Towns to Visit in Each State

These small towns are so charming that it'll be tough to stay away!

Quick! Picture the best small town that could ever exist. What does it have? Are there little houses that are multi-colored, or is there a small river that cuts right through the middle? The answer to that question depends on the person and what they enjoy. Some people will imagine a town that has tons of hiking opportunities while another may want a little place with the best bakeries in America.

Turns out, there’s a small town for everyone. We compiled a list of the most charming towns in each state, and you may be surprised what actually showed up! Many of them are pretty artsy, but then we have some that honestly feel like a little part of Europe without ever having to leave America.

Whether you’re looking for a new place to visit or you’re going on a nationwide tour, these are the list of every small town in each state you have to see at least once.