Fastest Shrinking Cities (and Where People Are Moving to Instead)


Times are tough - maybe some places are getting too expensive to live, the economy is dying, and in some places, maybe the crime is just too much to handle. But for whatever reasons people decide to move on to another place, they've got to go somewhere, so where are they going?

The United States Census conducted by the government helps determine the population of areas at a given time. These numbers can increase and decrease in any given year, but they usually follow trends. From this we can determine what cities people are leaving and where they are going, Because as the population steadily or rapidly decreases in one area, it will increase somewhere else.

That being said, it is interesting just to learn where people are going. Many of the areas on our list are ones that may not be so familiar to you but as the population grows, you will certainly hear about them a lot more in the future. Nothing lasts forever, and even the most populated cities can eventually turn into ghost towns. And cities that maybe had a slow start can begin thriving before you know it.

Here you'll find the fastest shrinking cities in the country and the fastest growing city populations that show just where everyone is going instead. Let's take a look!