10 Marvel Movies That Totally Flopped (And 10 That Were Surprising Hits)

By Staff Writer

Today, Marvel movies carry a ton of weight with them. Everyone expects them to be a huge hit, but not all of the movies by this studio are amazing. In fact, some of them are downright flops. They may not be as bad as DC’s Green Lantern, but they’re up there. Some of the movies flirt dangerously close, actually.

It’s hard to name them since we’re all used to the Avengers, but even that was much more successful than the studio expected. Let’s just say the hits on this list likely earned quite a few people a nice, fat bonus. On the other hand, these flops got people fired. Can you imagine making a movie so bad that you get fired for it? Well, you’ll soon understand.

For this list, we’re not necessarily going by which movie made money because even some of these flops broke even. Instead, we’re going by the film’s lasting impression. Do we watch it today and cringe? Do we seek it out after two decades? A movie’s lasting impression makes a huge impact.

These are 10 marvel movies that were total flops, and 10 that were surprising hits.  

All facts and figures via Wikipedia.