30 Athletes Who Refused to Play for the Team That Drafted Them

By Staff Writer

We've all seen the smiling faces of newly drafted athletes. They're fresh out of college or high school and ready to make big bucks as a pro, playing a sport they love. While most would jump at the chance to work with any team that drafted them right out of the gate, some of them choose another option. 

Sometimes, those draft picks don't work out. Perhaps a player gets injured or gets in trouble off the field (and we all know that can take a while to resolve). Money is always an issue on one side or the other. Athletes get traded. In other words? Things happen. But sometimes, an athlete just flat refuses to play for that team. They usually have their reasons, and whether they sound logical to the rest of us is another story. But it's sometimes fun to watch the drama.

With that in mind, we've put together a list of 30 athletes who refused to play for the NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL teams that drafted them.