30 On-Screen Romances So Convincing We Thought They Were Real

By Staff Writer

Everyone loves a love story. Okay, well, maybe not everyone, but if it’s well done, then I think everyone can at least appreciate the writers and actors who managed to bring something so intimate and amazing to life. I know I’m not the only one who can say that some romances on-screen have seemed so real that they’ve left an impact on how we, as a society, view romance and dating.

Famous on-screen couples like Ross and Rachel from Friends or Jack and Rose from Titanic have taught viewers lessons on love and relationships that you could carry on into real life. On-screen romances can be shining rays of hope, brief but passionate affairs, or doomed lovers, but all of them share a story that connects us and deepens our understanding of ourselves. These stories teach us that love takes hard work. It’s about being yourself while growing into a better person with someone who has your back every step of the way.

The on-screen romances in this list almost convinced watchers that the love was real. They made us forget that it was a TV show or a movie, and the people on the screen were just actors playing a part. Fans became invested in these romances and many devoted supporters of their favorite pairings, even long after the shows have ended or the movie’s time in the spotlight has faded.