30 Top Coaches Who Never Played Professionally

By Staff Writer

Throughout the country, many people end up teaching subjects they're passionate about because they couldn't find a job in their field that suited them. That, or they're tired, and it's time to do something that's a little less vigorous (and easier on the body). Well, in sports, something similar happens.

Many guys are passionate about the games, but they don't end up playing them professionally, whether it's due to an injury, poor performance, lack of opportunity, or just a personal decision. However, that doesn't mean they don't have a lot of technical knowledge that can help players on the field. Either way, there are many talented men who have gone on to become head coaches of college and professional sports teams even though they never played the game professionally themselves.

Maybe they played in high school or college. Maybe they never played at all or played in the minors but never made it to the big leagues. Whatever the case, we put together a list of 30 of the most noteworthy football, baseball, and basketball coaches who made names for themselves on the field (or court) as head coaches.