30 Wealthiest Adult Film Stars

By Staff Writer

With the adult industry being one of the fastest growing entertainments in the world with revenues of $15 billion a year, it’s no surprise that X-rated stars have amassed large followings and, therefore, large bank accounts. Whether you’re the most popular or even an average adult entertainer, there’s good money to be made. 

It also may be no surprise that most stars on this list are female. In this female-dominated industry, who run the world?—girls who know how to play their cards right and end up on a “World’s Wealthiest” list. After quitting the industry, some adult film actors and actresses have become business owners or transitioned into acting or modeling. This, added to successful adult entertainment careers, has ensured their ever-growing fortunes. 

Even if you aren’t a fan of the adult industry, there’s a good chance you will still recognize a few of the faces on this list. You might recognize them from one of their new endeavors since leaving the adult entertainment world, whether it's them starring in a mainstream movie, making an appearance in a TV show, or hosting an event. Here is our top 30 list of the world’s wealthiest adult film stars.