Adult Entertainment Stars: Where Are They Now?

By Staff Writer

For many actors, the road to fame isn't easy. Their childhood is filled with fantasies about making it big in Hollywood, but the reality is much more depressing. Big-budget film roles are scarce, which means many actors have to settle for second-best jobs. It's not much of a surprise that struggling artists turn to the adult film industry during tough times. 

While some people stumbled upon the adult industry out of pure chance, others did it because they were good at it. But just because these people made it big as adult film stars don't mean they wanted to do it forever. After a few years of raking in cash from films, seedy sites, and X-rated magazine photoshoots, some of the top adult entertainment stars retired from the industry in favor of a less... exposed career. 

Some former adult actors disappeared completely while others landed high-profile "respectable" careers. From news reporting to motherhood, the adult film wasn't a passion for these people. Whatever the reason, here are 15 former X-rated stars and what they decided to do with their lives after leaving adult entertainment behind.