AI Thinks Houses Will Look Like This in the Future

Have you ever been curious about what houses might look like decades or even centuries from now? AI is already showing us the possibilities of future homes! As we head into a future of hopefully self-sustainability, security advancements and digital connection, there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to the advancements in homebuilding.

Home designs change nearly every decade, but some designs have greater longevity and will continue to flourish over decades and even centuries. However, advancements in technology allow us to build homes with greater longevity and durability, particularly in face of the harsher climate conditions that these homes will undoubtedly face the way things are going. With that being said, what will stay and what will go?

Discover what some amazing advances in architecture and engineering could mean for home design over the course of 500 years. With so many creative minds at work, it’s impossible to predict just how far we can take technological integration with homes. We asked AI about the future of home architecture and the results were pretty neat. From RVs to beachside homes, these are some examples of where AI architects think housing will be headed in the future. Let’s take a look!