Beloved Bands That Are Now Considered "Dad Rock"

By Staff Writer
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If you tune in to your classic rock station, you know what to expect. You'll hear some '70s, lots of '80s, and even some '90s rock hits. Most of these fit comfortably under the label of "Dad Rock". 

Without knowing the exact definition, one could safely assume what "Dad Rock" is: "Eye of the Tiger",  "We Will Rock You",  and "Livin' on a Prayer" have been in that category for most of our lives. There's no argument there.  They paved the way for "Dad Rock". 

Here's where things might start to get—uncomfortable. Many of the ballads you grew up with are old enough to enter this category.

Your middle school anthem? "Dad Rock. " The first concert you attended? "Dad Rock." The CDs you burned, the ringtones you collected, the posters you hung up on your wall...are all more than likely "Dad Rock". But..but..."Dad Rock" is old rock?!

As hard as it is to believe,  time has marched on and your songs don't transcend time. They have all aged along with you. Here is a list of 15 songs that unfortunately fall under the umbrella of what society deems as "Dad Rock".