Celebrities Who Are Definitely in a Cult


When watching some of these celebrities do you ever get the feeling that something is…a bit off? Well, if you do, you’re definitely not alone. Listen, with all that fame and money, it’s no surprise that celebrities get caught up in some weird stuff. A little obscure is odd but fine. But when they go full Yeezus on us, it’s just a bit shocking. 

Hollywood has been accused of having secret societies and clubs for decades, and to be completely transparent, some of these rumors are absolutely true. It’s quite hard to get to the bottom of someone when everyone in the world thinks they’re totally wonderful. If you’re here, reading this article…you must know better! 

People in “Big Hollywood Media” are weird, and some of them have let the facade slip in the past few years. We gathered intel from around the internet on these celebs. From personal encounters to verified interviews…these are the celebs we think are definitely in some sort of cult. 

While some of these celebs have confirmed their spiritual views and affiliations, others on this list are brought here based on pure speculation. But as we’ve learned, it’s always a conspiracy until we find out it’s all true. This is a list of celebrities who are probably in a cult. Did we leave anyone out? If so, let us know! In the meantime, grab your tinfoil hats because we’re getting weird.