Celebrities who Love to Camp

When you think of your favorite Hollywood celebrities, you probably think of the glitz and glamor that comes with such a lifestyle. The last thing that usually comes to mind is your favorite actor or singer spending the night in a tent or recreational vehicle, enjoying the rugged outdoors, and roughing it when it comes to life's little luxuries. 

But the truth is that even celebrities like to connect with nature and enjoy the peace, quiet, and simplicity it has to offer; whether they grew up camping and want to continue the adventures with their own families, they're looking for inspiration for new material or want to get away from it all and enjoy some downtime away from the cameras. 

Of course, some of them do a little more "glamping" than "camping," but it's fun to know that some of the most famous people in the world like to escape and do things just like the rest of us normal human beings. 

These are the celebrities that love to camp! Let's get started!