Celebrities Who Own Sports Teams

By Staff Writer

Celebrities appear to like owning stock in sports teams. Celebrities frequently cross over into the world of entertainment, and athletics is certainly entertainment. Many actors and actresses have self-released studio albums or novels. Sports legends have made cameo appearances and even starred in their own films and television series. They might be actors, musicians, fashion designers, motivational speakers, or former athletes.

Some celebrities purchase teams in their hometowns, while others join investment groups to acquire a large stake in a rich franchise. Everyone who is anyone appears to have a stake in the Miami Dolphins. This football club's celebrity owners have made it one of the most well-known sports teams in the world. Approximately 95 percent of that squad is owned by Hollywood.

Michael Jordan created history in 2010 when he became the first retired basketball player to possess a controlling ownership in an NBA franchise. For many years, he maintained a minority share in the Charlotte Bobcats, as did rapper Nelly, who also owns equity in the franchise. Other renowned sports team owners include George W. Bush, Bill Murray, and Will Smith. Investing in sports franchises clearly helps the affluent stay rich. Let's take a look at the top celebrities who own sports teams, celebrities' favorite sports teams, and the most well-known sports team owners.