Celebrities Who Married Their Mistresses

Hollywood has a really bad reputation for being a place where true love doesn't exist, and, honestly, most of that reputation is well deserved! There are entire industries devoted to keeping track of who's dating who this week and all the juicy details of messy celebrity splits. It's pretty obvious that Hollywood is not the place you want to settle down and start a family!

While some famous couples have managed to make it work for decades or more, those aren't the celebrity couples we're interested in today. Instead, we're taking a look at the messier and slimier side of romance among the rich and famous. The origins of these relationships are definitely not something these couples are going to regale their kids with some day! 

Today, we're taking a look at celebrities who married their mistresses and famous couples who were already in relationships when they got together. These relationships may not have started under the most noble of circumstances, but you'd be surprised at how many cheating couples are still together after decades or more! And you might be surprised at just who in Hollywood has been "the other woman" at some point or another! 

Let's get started!