Gross Chain Restaurants Baby Boomers Just Love

By Staff Writer

Do you cringe when your grandma calls to invite you to dinner at that nasty restaurant they’re always going to? Well, you’re not alone. Baby Boomers have a taste for some less than yummy food. It seems like the only demographic keeping those nasty chain restaurants open are those who get that senior discount. 

Maybe their taste buds got too old and fell off? We’re not quite sure what the appeal of these restaurants is to these seniors. Listen, cooking for two is a little difficult, and it’s much easier to eat out most of the time…but those on a fixed income should take a few notes from Dave Ramsay and stop wasting money on to-go. 

Whether it's nostalgia or just plain stubbornness, you can't get boomers to ditch their favorite restaurants, even though there are plenty of other options out there.  There's something about the familiarity of these old places that keeps them coming back for more.

From greasy buffets to the all-familiar chain restaurant that we’re quite sure only cooks with a microwave, these are the disgusting chain restaurants Baby Boomers just can’t get enough of. Did we leave off your favorite restaurant? Let us know how you really feel in the comments!