Here's What the Iconic Bond Girls Look Like Now

By Staff Writer

They’re beautiful, they’re daring, and they’re lethal…they’re iconic Bond Girls. Since the James Bond franchise began, actresses have been prying to be one of 007’s famous girls. It’s a badge of honor that requires a specific spice that only a few girls have. 

The thing that makes a girl a Bond Girl is a little bit of poise and a whole lot of poison. They have to carry themselves with subversive authority…disarming villains with a single glance. In this list, we have some of the most iconic Bond Girls in the franchise. Since the beginning, we’ve been obsessed, but it’s been a long time since James Bond stepped onto the scene in 1962. 

We tracked down all of the special agents…just to see what trouble they’re up to now. Here’s what those iconic Bond Girls look like now. From Sylvia Trench to Jill Masterson, these ladies may have traded in their special agent status, but they’ve had some pretty interesting lives. 

If you like vintage TV, or just catching up on the latest celebrity gossip, check out the article we picked just for you at the end of this one. In the meantime, take a look at this list…you won’t regret it.