Here's What the Octomom Looks Like Now

By Staff Writer

The late 2000s were years remembered fondly for its odd obsessions and worldwide phenomenon after phenomenon. Twilight took stole the attention of every teenage girl, Britney Spears was having a rough time, and... Octomom? Oh, right! How did we forget about Octomom? What happened to this infamous mother of octuplets?

Believe it or not, Octomom's existence wasn't a fever dream; she actually exists and is still thriving! When Nadya Suleman found out she was pregnant with eight children at once, she instantly shot to fame — for good reason. People around the world were struck with awe (or horror) by Nadya's situation; no lie, her life, pregnancy, and birth were an unhealthy obsession for everyone with internet access in 2008. Looking back on the Octomom obsession, it's pretty weird for anyone to be so interested in a woman's body, but we can't change the past, unfortunately. All we can do is hope Nadya and her octuplets turned out well.

Speaking of Nadya, she's doing well with her kids beside her, but she wasn't always thriving. No spoilers, but let's just say she was having a lot of fun at one point... maybe too much fun. Here's the story of Octomom, how she's doing, and what she looks like now!