The Most Hilarious Things Spotted on T-Shirts

By Staff Writer

T-shirts with funny, snarky, or ridiculous sayings will never be in style, but that has never stopped anyone from throwing one on to display to the world. Sometimes, these shirts are worthy of a genuine laugh, but most of the time we're just laughing because they're just so stupid. 

We're not sure when this trend of wearing your thoughts on your chest got started, but everyone just seems to love letting people know how funny they are by sporting other people's funny thoughts. They may be obnoxious, but every once and a while, you find a really funny gem in a sea of stupid t-shirts. Funny is funny whether it's in a stand-up special or on a t-shirt. 

Today, we're taking a look at some of the most hilarious and utterly ridiculous things we've ever seen on t-shirts. These people obviously wanted to make a statement, and they definitely delivered! From the clever to the crass, there's a funny t-shirt saying out there for everyone in the world. These slogans and sayings will have you laughing whether you want to or not, and you won't believe what people actually walked out of the house wearing! Some should have taken a second look in the mirror. 

Let's get started!