Hollywood Good Girls Gone Bad

By Staff Writer

Some girls stay good, and some go bad. That’s a part of life. Of course, “bad” is entirely subjective and what’s bad for some may be a non-issue for others. And whatever “bad” things someone has done, that doesn’t necessarily make them bad people.

Nevertheless, it always comes as a shock when a Hollywood actress’s perceived status as a “good girl” is just a façade. For some reason, we expect celebrities to be the perfect role models and that’s not always the case. People are complicated, life happens and sometimes celebrities act out in ways we never expected.

Jarring at first, sometimes we get over their rebellious nature, but other times an actress’s behavior can really kill their career. But if there’s anything that the tabloids love more, it’s a good girl gone bad and for a while anyway, the bad publicity really works out for them. Because even if you never do another movie, if you can make the headlines again - you stay relevant.

The following list of Hollywood good girls gone bad are among the most shocking transformations we’ve ever witnessed. Some of these girls’ dastardly deeds were career-enders, while others came out of their darkest periods A-okay. Let’s take a look!