The Hottest Men of News All Over the World


Listen…there’s nothing hotter than a man in uniform. Especially when that uniform is a tailored suit and a slick haircut. There’s just something about the men of news that does it for us. Sure they look nice, but their ability to hold a logical conversation is what really puts us over the edge. 

Have you ever found yourself literally drooling at the TV while you listen to world events? It’s not the ‘90s, you can lick your TV now if you want…because some of these men are yummy. Thick rimmed glasses? Yes, please! 

It’s like the news networks know what we want. Fox News is all about blonde women who show a little leg, so it’s okay for us to get our eye candy with our morning news too! All we need is a three-quarter cuffed sleeve and you’ve got our attention. They must know what they’re doing.

We’ve polled the audience and found out which men of news we’re all going gaga over. From the American Midwest to the far East, we’ve got a different flavor every day of the week. This is our list of the hottest news anchors in the world. Is your favorite on the list? If not, let us know!