Hottest Women Alive Then & Now

There’s certainly no shortage of hot women. But there’s also no denying there’s a varying degree of attractiveness among the pool of sizzling hotties that encompasses Hollywood. Some have really managed to maintain their hotness throughout the years, and that puts them at the top of their game.

Whether through a rigorous diet and exercise routine or just great genetics, there’s no denying some Hollywood hotties have got it going on. And some of these women are the masters of looking amazing at any age. And regardless of whether they are genetically blessed or perhaps a little vain, you can’t deny they are beautiful.

The following A-list stars have really made a name for themselves not just in appearance, but as for their talent as well – which just makes them even hotter. And while we haven’t really changed how we see them, it is interesting to see how much they have changed over the years.

If there was a contest for aging like fine wine, these celebrities could win the top prize. With that said, here are the hottest women alive, then and now. Some have even earned the official title by various publications like People Magazine and GQ Magazine. Let’s take a look!