Look at How Much the Royal Family Has Changed Over the Years


Aside from the money, the style and the glamour associated with the British royal family, the fascination with the British royal family is partly derived from its longevity and endurance. The members of the royal family, unlike, say, a President or Prime Minister, can be known by several generations because their terms don’t expire.

The royal family is made of figures that you knew as children and that you have watched grow into the icons that they have become. The world watched as Prince Charles became King Charles III and as William became the heir apparent. And as their titles (and hairlines) changed, we’ve all changed too.

Watching those sad little princes at their mother’s funeral grow into adults with big happy families really puts things into perspective and gives hope for the future. It’s almost hard to believe just how much time has passed, and if it makes you feel old – sorry – but rest assured it makes us feel old too.

Here you will find 16 photos of the royal family showing how much everyone in the British Royal Family has changed. Looking back on some of these photos, it's so clear how fleeting time really is. And as we say goodbye to the Queen, we bow to a new King. Let’s take a look!