Meet the Wives of WWE Stars


From infamous rivalries to unbelievable characters, WWE fans know all about their favorite fighters. Despite knowing that every show is more of a performance than a fight, viewers tune in to watch the best performance wrestlers square off in the ring. Nothing’s off the table in WWE, no matter how ridiculous it may seem!

Longtime fans have witnessed everything in WWE that they never could have predicted. From frustrating ties to the weirdest performances, some people are more than interested in the women who married these fighters instead of what actually happens in the ring — at least, most of the time. What do WWE wives do? Are they fighters, too, or prefer the pacifist side of life? How did they meet? It’s time we leveled the playing field for these couples! While their husbands are awesome, their wives are successful in their own right.

Most of these couples publicly announced their marital status, including the women they've divorced throughout the years, so we'll be including some ex-couples, too. Without further ado, here are the wives of your favorite WWE players. If you're interested in learning more about the wives of famous athletes, check out the article after this one!