Movie Roles That Helped Actors Shed Their Image

By Staff Writer

Some actors are known for a specific role they play. In nearly every movie they star in, their character is extremely similar to characters they've played in other movies.  Case and point—Dwayne Johnson. A heroic action star is usually cast as a heroic action star. Very rarely do you see the "good guy" play the villain in another movie. Comedians don't usually star in horror films.

Stereotypes also play a big factor in actors assuming certain roles—you have the funny minority, the over-the-top gay man, the co-dependent woman, the sexy foreigner, the overweight sidekick friend, and so on. Don't forget the smart guy in glasses or ditzy woman with large breasts. These stereotypes lead actors into being cast as the same character in many of their movies. It's hard to escape!

While actors are regularly typecast either for their looks, personality, or even their voice, there are a few well-known actors who have broken out of their consistent image and completely changed who they appear to be. Some have taken roles opposite of what they usually play. Some are nearly unrecognizable on screen. Here is a list of movie roles that helped actors shed their image.