Overrated Wedding Songs Everyone is Sick of Hearing

By Staff Writer

There are a ton of things to plan to pull off the perfect wedding—the dress, the venue, the flowers, the invitations. Your to-do list never ends when it comes to the big day! However, one thing that most people just rubber stamp without a lot of thought is the music. 

Whether you're making a playlist yourself or bringing in a DJ to help your guests dance the night away, what music gets played in the ceremony and at the reception is a bigger deal than you might realize. Some songs have no business being played at your wedding! There's no easier way to ruin the vibe of your celebration than picking songs that everyone hates. 

Today, we're taking a look at some of the most overrated and obnoxious songs that always seem to crop up on wedding playlists everywhere. Some of these hits are not particularly terrible in and of themselves, but they definitely get overplayed to death—they're a victim of their own success. Others are just plain stinkers that we hope we never hear again in any context! 

Do you think these songs are totally overrated or will they be getting an invite to your wedding? Let's get started!