Secrets Black Friday Employees Will Never Say

By Staff Writer

Black Friday is a time of rejoicing—and sheer panic for millions of shoppers. Particularly now, when prices are inflated like crazy, everyone wants to save as much money as possible on gifts and must-have items they’ve been waiting to buy themselves. The expectation is to get the best deals you won’t be able to get at any other time, and Black Friday is the day to do it.

However, the reality is much different. Black Friday is a sales gimmick that all the retail chains are in on—but it’s all a deceptive marketing scam. Those doorbuster deals that everyone wants to camp out for, hoping to snag before everyone else? Your chances are slimmer than you might think.

Nevertheless, people can get crazy during this shopping event, and they don’t always think logically in face of all the chaos. For employees it's absolute misery. But only if you are an employee do you understand what's really happening behind the scenes.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the most important secrets about Black Friday employees will never actually say about Black Friday–as much as they would like to. With that said, here’s the real scoop about one of the biggest shopping days of the holiday season.