The Top Swimsuit Models for Sports Illustrated

By Staff Writer

The magazine may be called Sports Illustrated, but most of us associate it with something besides sports—swimsuits! 

The legendary magazine has been publishing its iconic Swimsuit Edition every year since 1964, and during that time, some of the world's best and most beautiful models have graced the cover and pages of this edition. Some models even got their big break into stardom because they first appeared on a Swimsuit Edition! It's gotten so popular that now even some non-model celebrities have donned a swimsuit for the magazine's cover. 

But the Swimsuit Edition was more than just a way for the company to bring in lots of sales—it actually changed attitudes around swimwear. Without it, we might not even have bikinis these days. Until SI started publishing photos of women wearing them, they weren't a very popular type of swimwear at all! Who knew that a swimsuit magazine could make history like that? 

Today, we're taking a look at some of the best and most memorable swimsuit models who have ever graced the pages of Sports Illustrated. From the 1960s until the modern day, there's never been a shortage of beautiful women wearing skimpy swimsuits in the magazine. 

Let's get started!