The Best Boy Bands of All Time, Ranked

By Staff Writer

Boy bands – you either love em’ or hate em’ but there’s no denying the impact they have on our culture nor the influence they have on the music industry as a whole. With the right combination of talent, the formation of the perfect boy band is like catching lightning in a bottle. Nobody is guaranteed success, but when certain bands have achieved it, they have not been forgotten.

Sure, having the right manager by your side and a notable label has certainly helped the most successful boy bands of all time achieve their fame, but it's not the only factor. Whether you're into popular music or not, some music just resonates with the general public—and there's a reason why beyond it being a nicely decorated product.

Whether it’s music that reflected what the generation was all about or music that helped a generation find a much-needed escape, the music speaks for itself and helped unite the masses, breaking language barriers (and cultural barriers too). 

The following bands are easily the best and among the most influential of all time, but some certainly have a leg up on the others. These are the best boy bands of all time, ranked.