The Best Celebrity Engagement Rings of All Time


Let's talk about engagement rings. Wedding rings are clearly important, but engagement rings are the glitz and glam that you'll be wearing for the rest of your life. For that treason, you want it to be the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. That's not always easy for every man to achieve. It's a lot of pressure — almost as much pressure as it takes to create a diamond! 

When you're a celebrity, thankfully, that pressure is a lot less. Mainly because famous people have nearly unlimited funds and the best contacts to create something your partner will absolutely adore. These celebs knew what they were doing when they went shopping for the perfect engagement ring. 

After these beautiful bands showed up on the circuit, Hollywood was a tizzy. They're big, bright, and breathtaking. Most of them also cost a pretty penny, but they do say get a ring that's three times your salary. When your salary is millions, that's quite a bit of dough to pour into one ring!

Take a look at these unique and inspiring rings. Who knows...maybe it'll inspire a little design for yourself in the future. They've certainly caught the eye of many designers already.