The Greatest 30 Quarterbacks in NFL History, Ranked

By Staff Writer

In football, the quarterback is usually the leader of the team on the field. In the National Football League, the quarterback is also usually the face of the team in the media. To those who play the game, a good quarterback is a necessity for a productive offense, especially one that wants to get to the playoffs and beyond.

Of course, the importance and role of the quarterback change from era to era, so it's hard to define exactly what makes the field general a "good" one. Is it the number of years he led his team to the postseason? The number of passing yards and touchdowns he has? The way he defies the odds, dominating the game well into his 40s or leading a team of mediocre players to a Super Bowl? The number of times he wins a Super Bowl?

We kept all of this in mind — along with a few other statistics — as we put together a list of the greatest 30 quarterbacks in NFL history. This is how they ranked.