The Most Loved and Hated Royal Members


It’s easy to picture each member of the Royal House of Windsor as being the master of their own fate; after all, they are royalty in their own kingdom. In reality, however, their reputations — and quality of life — are at the mercy of public opinion. Some royals are sensible and keep their public persona completely proper and kind, while others are downright bizarre, getting into controversy after controversy whether they’ve done something or not.

Despite what some might say, the monarchy is not quite dead. People around the world are genuinely invested in this family and will devour any scandals that seep through the cracks of Buckingham Palace. There’s an entire Netflix series on the family, for goodness sake!

Speaking of, Prince Harry and his Hollywood wife, Meghan Markle, were once some of the most beloved members of the royal family despite what the tabloids said. But after severing ties with the crown and selling out in tell-all interviews, the couple’s public reputation has taken a turn for the worse. Prince William and Kate Middleton don’t suffer the same scrutiny despite making similar strides to modernize the family. Only time will tell how far they go and if they’ll remain as beloved as they already are. There’s always room for them to stumble, especially when social media is involved.

Here, we’ve taken a look at the most popular members of the royal family and ranked them by likeability, according to YouGov’s most recent poll. The amount of hatred that some of these people have amassed is shocking, no matter how deserved it may be... With that being said, let’s take a look at the most loved (and hated) members of the British Royal Family.