The Ugliest Court Cases in History

By Staff Writer

Several notable court rulings have single-handedly revolutionized the legal industry and the lives of ordinary Americans. These were tumultuous, public cases that were widely recognized as U.G.L.Y. Many of these court rulings have influenced race relations, human rights, free expression, and a variety of other issues. The judgments were not always broadly accepted; the court was chastised for making decisions that widened the social class divide and harmed the poor and minority groups.

Some of these cases resulted in legislation that is still in effect today, while others resulted in triumphs for the key parties involved. All of these cases were and continue to be viewed as contentious by the public. Many people believe this because their trials spurred the nation, others because the ruling should have been obvious, and yet the court might not have thought the same. All who read this article will be one page wiser about their own legal system.

Let everyone who reads these short words understand the torn and deep history of our wonderful United States. The job of the United States Supreme Court, according to James Madison, is to be "an impenetrable bulwark against every assumption of power in the legislative or executive." These have been some truly ugly court cases that, regardless of the outcome, have endured the test of time and continue to have an impact on the rights of Americans today.