Things People Had the Audacity to Write on Restaurant Receipts

By Staff Writer

The lion, the witch, and the bold audacity of the following invoices are intended to shock and awe, but it is also meant to serve as a brilliant lesson on how to act as a human being in a civilized society. Experience has taught us that those in the service industry are, in fact, essential to our everyday lives. Unfortunately, though we know this, there are many out there that treat our kind and ever gracious servers with blatant disrespect. Many (if not most) servers work on tipped wages. Some of these hospitable souls work for as little as 2.20 an hour. Yes, you read that correctly. Your tip matters. 

When we fail to lift those that are so obviously essential, we hurt our society - and in effect, ourselves. If you want to live in a world where we all prosper, you must treat others with respect, decency, and above all charity. For if we have not charity, we have nothing. This list includes what not to write on a waitress receipt, and a few cool receipt messages for those to see that though some of us leave negative messages for our servers, they respond with grace. To all those that have served us - thank you.