Vintage, Timeless Photos of Hollywood Icons on Their Wedding Day

By Staff Writer

Celebrity marriages are always a hoot. Some have the perfect storybook endings you hope for in any marriage, while others are just plagued with problems. But no matter how they turn out, everyone loves a Hollywood wedding. Weddings are even a bigger affair when both the bride and groom are stars.

From Grace Kelly’s royal wedding to Elvis’s Vegas chapel wedding, here you’ll find some of the most notable Hollywood icons on their wedding day in these timeless photos that capture their magic. Even if some of these marriages ended in disaster, these moments were truly memorable for the people involved - and the public who watched as these relationships unraveled.

Hollywood has produced some of the most memorable love stories of all time — and not just those seen on screen, though many of them did. Tinseltown has no shortage of lovestruck celebrities, from quick-fire romances to rare lifelong marriages and even some who stared together on screen. Celebrity weddings have a timeless beauty that continues to inspire to this day.

Check out these vintage, timeless photos of Hollywood icons on their wedding day. These were truly days that will never be forgotten just like the stars that appear in them. Now, let’s take a look!